2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Sococo
Year Founded: 2007
Employee Count: 20
Location: 650 Castro Street, Suite 100, Mountain View, California, USA - 94041
Website: http://www.sococo.com


The distributed team is a global reality and a problem. 65% of companies now have distributed teams in their workforce. Distributed teams are vulnerable to the most remote team members not understanding priorities and issues. When priorities and issues are misunderstood, deadlines are missed, errors are made, and costs are incurred. Trying to solve this problem with increased travel and online meetings is ineffective and expensive. The answer is to provide a powerful set of communication capabilities combined with a highly visual social interface.

Sococo Team Space is a social communications service for distributed teams. Team Space has a spatial user interface that is always on throughout the workday, not just during meetings. It integrates people, places, online services and communications to make distributed teams dramatically more effective. Team Space provides voice, text chat, and the ability to share multiple applications at the same time. Unlike GoToMeeting or Skype, Team Space allows teams to place their online tools, such as Salesforce.com or a project management application, right into the place where they talk and chat all day. That means the members of a team can sit side by side, see each other, and easily communicate.
Team Space lets everyone see what everyone is doing with one another even when they are on the other side of the planet. That`s magic, and people love it! It cuts costs for travel, facilities and legacy communication services yielding a hard cost ROI for our customers. And it brings the most remote team member right into the center of the group Ė which is real magic for managers of distributed teams. The competition simply canít deliver what distributed teams really need.

Social Communications

Twitter, Facebook, online chat, and SMS text messaging have permanently changed how we use technology to stay in touch with our communities. These services have introduced something new: lightly engaged communication based on text and status messages. People using these services tend to contact each other frequently, but less intensively than a phone call. Sococo is the next step. We seamlessly bridge the new styles with the traditional communication tools people rely on every day.
Social communications brings lightly engaged communication to voice, application sharing, video and other realtime streams as well as text. People in Sococo are automatically connected to everyone else using whatever stream types fit their need. These streams are the core of deeply engaged interactions like conference calls and web meetings. The power of social communications is that it shows who is there and what people are doing when they are deeply engaged within a community, while enabling lightly engaged communication using any set of streams. Social communications provides both in a single, integrated technology. The perception of distance vanishes and online communities come alive.

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