2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: TouchMagix
Year Founded: 2009
Employee Count: 25
Location: "A" Symphony, 210 Ashok Nagar, Range Hill Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411020
Website: http://www.touchmagix.com


TouchMagix believes to bring Indian IT products for the Global Space. TouchMagix is headed by Anup Tapadia a 24 year old technocrat, supported by his technocrat friends from U.S.A.
•	TouchMagix is a next gen digital technology company that engages consumers in a whole new experience that involves unforgettable interaction with large scale displays. See www.touchmagix.com for demo videos.
•	TouchMagix develops software and manufactures hardware for a new variety of interactive display providing end to end solutions like Interactive Floor, Interactive Wall, Touch Table (Interactive Multi-touch Table), Touch Window and 3D MagixSense that attract 
audience to experience interactive content in the most memorable way. See live client projects at http://blog.touchmagix.com/
•	TouchMagix currently exports products to more than 25 countries and serves more than 100 clients like Accenture, Castrol, Infosys, Intel, Nokia, Nike, Reebok, Times Group, Merck, Unilever, etc. 
•	TouchMagix was recently awarded “The Best Startup Company” in India at ET Now’sProto.in 2009 conference&the founder won the “Global Young Creative Entrepreneur 2010”award fromThe British Council in London. See press http://touchmagix.com/PressRoom.html

•	TouchMagix provides Free SDK & Creative Suite for designing content and special effects on our various platforms. TouchMagix’ products can be used in following application areas-
•	Advertising and branding
•	Events
•	Education and Museums
•	Retail and Malls
•	Corporate presentations and displays
•	Gaming
•	Bars and restaurants

TouchMagix builds products that are a blend of art and technology. Unlike other technologies available today, TouchMagix combines an advanced optical hardware sensor called: MagixSense™ together with sophisticated movement recognition software that interprets the user interaction into high resolution events on the display. We are trying to address a market need of today which has a bright tomorrow. Brands are looking for eye-catching ways to capture attention of a customer to engage them and educate them through a memorable interaction. Museums require affordable interactive systems to create intriguing and involving displays. Bars and restaurants wish to create experiences at their point of sale to make the customers stay memorable. Traditional media like hording and banners in retail and malls have turned into blind spots for customers to notice. Interactive displays are going to help solve these concerns and that is what TouchMagix provides.

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