2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Bump Technologies
Year Founded: 2008
Employee Count: 22
Location: 156 E. Dana St., Mountain View, CA, USA - 94041
Website: http://www.bu.mp


Bump Technologies has pioneered an innovative application for the iPhone and Android operating systems. What began as the virtual equivalent of the business card has developed into a mobile social network that allows friends and family to share an expanding list of content in the real world by physically bumping their phones together. Contact information is only the beginning – with the Bump app, users can share photos, messages, applications, calendar appointments, music, money, and location, just by bumping phones together. Bump even supports social network connectivity, letting users trade their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. 

Looking beyond the creation and development of their own app, Bump wants to make it as easy as possible for developers to use the Bump API. Bump provides their code for free, allowing developers to easily implement and apply the Bump technology into other apps. As a result, Bump has been integrated into a variety of third-party apps, including PayPal, BOINK, Pulse, HootSuite, CloudNote and more. Bump is dedicated to advancing and improving on the way people use their phones; they’re working to transform the mobile phone from a calling device to an interactive, social platform.

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