2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Oorja Protonics
Year Founded: 2005
Employee Count: 19
Website: http://www.oorjaprotonics.com


Fuel cells have been synonymous with Hydrogen for the last 100+ years. Oorja has revolutionized the fuel cell industry by addressing the biggest challenge faced by the fuel cell industry namely the “Hydrogen Challenge”. Faced by the various hurdles introduced by Hydrogen as the fuel such as cost of Hydrogen fuel, cost of Hydrogen Infrastructure, availability and safety of Hydrogen, main-stream customers have always shied away from adopting fuel cells in a commercial manner. OORJA HAS SOLVED THIS DAUNTING CHALLENGE BY DEVELOPING A NOVEL AND UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY THAT ENABLES LIQUID ALCOHOL TO BE USED AS A FUEL IN FUEL CELLS. By using Oorja’s fuel cells, customers are able to address all the challenges faced by conventional fuel cells such as capital cost of the fuel cell, operating cost of the fuel cell, availability and safety of fuel. This paradigm-shift in fuel cell development and commercialization has made Oorja a world leader in the design, development and commercialization of Ultra-high Power and high Efficiency Direct Liquid (Alcohol) Fuel Cells (DLFC) systems. Oorja’s Alcohol-based fuel cells have been developed for extending the range of battery-powered vehicles such as light-duty Electric Vehicles (EVs), Plug-in Hybrids, and for industrial vehicles. Oorja’s business model has adopted the classic “Crossing-the-Chasm” model where low-hanging markets are adopted initially where market-penetration price-points are not as stringent. The initial target market for Oorja’s products have been industrial equipments used for material handling operations (forklifts, pallet jacks, etc.,) in warehouses, Distribution Centers and Manufacturing factories---Oorja`s current Directly Addressable Market is $6 Billion in North America growing to $30 Billion in the next 3 years as the product cost keeps reducing and Oorja starts targeting the EV market. Oorja has generated repeat sales of its products from multiple leading customers in Automotive Manufacturing (Nissan, NUMMI), Food Processing and Distribution (McDonalds, Unified Grocers, US Foods, Testa Produce and Super Store Industries). Its scalable technology architecture and capital efficient business model makes Oorja Protonics not just one of the most compelling opportunities in Cleantech, but one of the most compelling opportunities…period.

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Summary of Company Highlights:
•Repeat orders from several blue chip (Nissan, McDonalds) customers
•Compelling payback for customers (Payback less than 12 months)
•Significant backlog for shipping in Q2 and Q3’2011
•Profitability within 6-9 months

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