2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Virident
Year Founded: 2006
Employee Count: 60
Location: 500 Yosemite Drive, Suite 108, Milpitas, CA, US - 95035
Website: http://www.virident.com


Virident Systems was founded by Silicon Valley veterans from Google, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, SGI, and Intel. The PCIe-based solid state storage market is poised for rapid growth, and with its recent funding in fall of 2010, its recent agreement with SGI, and new products coming to market in the next months, Virident is quickly becoming one of the hot storage startups to watch in this space. The Virident solid-state drives (SSDs) solve storage and server overprovisioning problems caused by limited system throughput. Viridentís SSD cards eliminate application-level I/O performance bottlenecks by delivering high, sustained performance and enable storage administrators to effectively plan and reliably provision I/O bandwidth and capacity. 

The Virident cards deliver consistent performance even for heavy writes, being hundreds of times faster than enterprise hard disk drives. The Virident SSDs are ideal for data-intensive workloads such as databases, business analytics, simulation, visualization, and high-performance computing.

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