2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: RiseSmart, Inc.
Year Founded: 2006
Employee Count: --
Location: 2055 Gateway Place,, Suite 150, San Jose, CA, USA - 95110
Website: http://www.RiseSmart.com


RiseSmart is helping to put America back to work by providing next-generation outplacement solutions to transitioned employees. The company combines a unique blend of sophisticated technology and consulting services to help employers with their workforce strategy, and displaced employees and jobseekers with their career strategy.

Founded in 2007, the company is disrupting the $3 billion traditional brick and mortar outplacement industry with a new approach. Traditional outplacement assists companies with their layoffs and downsizing events, providing office space, grief counseling, and on-site group seminars. That business is inherently low-tech, purely services oriented, and most importantly, is ineffective in helping displaced employees to their next job. RiseSmart changes all that by aggressively focusing on what the employees want and need most—getting a new job.

The RiseSmart scalable model disrupts brick-and-mortar outplacement businesses that cannot compete on price due to the high costs of that model. RiseSmart offers an affordable, cutting-edge approach using a web-based portal application that pushes participants personalized, relevant job leads, articles, blogs, and other individualized content to help each person find a job quickly. Every participant is also assigned a certified, highly trained, and experienced transition job specialist who works individually with them to assist in meeting each unique job search need. 

In the Wall Street Journal story of August 20, 2009, “Outplacement Firms Struggle to Do Job,” journalists Phred Dvorak and Joann S. Lublin reported that traditional outplacement support packages “offer little value” to workers and leave many feeling dissatisfied. 

The RiseSmart flagship product, Transition Concierge, places primary focus around securing a successful end result – a new job for the individual in transition. That approach is working with astounding results. RiseSmart is successfully placing individuals in new jobs 50% faster than the national average (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Because of these outcomes, the company also achieves some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry, and has achieved 100% customer retention to date. So it’s not surprising that RiseSmart is now the fastest-growing outplacement solution company in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal article highlights RiseSmart as a new kind of outplacement firm for Fortune 1000 companies – one focused on results. Business Week touts the RiseSmart methodology as making “a lot of sense.” The San Jose Mercury News says, “RiseSmart typifies the valley`s knack for using technology to disrupt standard business practices.”

RiseSmart is headquartered in San Jose, CA, and has a wholly owned subsidiary in Pune, India. The company is funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Storm Ventures.

For organizations experiencing job reductions, the RiseSmart outplacement solution, Transition Concierge, offers a dynamic new model for transition services. Transition Concierge dispenses with traditional `soft` services – which are costly to employers, but of relatively low value to employees. Instead, RiseSmart aggressively helps workers find a new job-- fast.

In a country where 27.5 percent of employees telecommute, according to Gartner Dataquest estimates, workers also have little interest in setting up shop in an outplacement provider’s office space to conduct their job search. Employees would much rather be at home (or at a coffee shop) networking online on their laptops. 

RiseSmart Transition Concierge service solution stands above the competition to provide personalized, customized services to help displaced employees find jobs quickly. But RiseSmart helps more than affected employees. Because Transition Concierge employees find jobs so much faster, RiseSmart is also helping help organizations save money—in the form of reduced severance payments, unemployment taxes, and legal costs – RiseSmart is the first choice for organizations where individual needs and personal attention to both the corporation and the employee come first.



The largest Fortune 50 companies to enterprise businesses in the US are moving to the results driven RiseSmart solution, making it the fastest growing outplacement company in the US over the past two years. 


March 2011 – Top 100 BEST Places to Work in the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA)
March 2011, Red Herring North America 100 finalist
March 2010, American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA) Champion of Diversity Award


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23 TV spots and 17 print articles from the Super Bowl press release: BEST WAY TO FORECAST SUPER BOWL XLV COMPARING JOBLESS RATES

Sample Coverage:
NBC 7/39 Today, San Diego, CA
WGN Morning News, Chicago, IL
Good Morning Washington, Washington, DC
Good Morning Arizona At 6 AM, Phoenix, AR
Seattle`s Morning News: KIRO-FM Freq. 97.3, Seattle/Tacoma, WA

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