2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Gluster
Year Founded: 2005
Employee Count: 55
Location: 691 S Milpitas Blvd #204, Milpitas, CA, USA - 95035
Website: http://www.gluster.com


Gluster is an open storage software platform that delivers scale-out storage for public, private, and hybrid clouds. Its open-source software platform runs on commodity computing and storage resources (either on-premise or in the public cloud), enabling customers to scale performance, capacity, and availability on demand. 

Gluster provides cloud, virtual machine (VM) and on-premise NAS solutions designed to be confidently deployed in even the most mission-critical environments. The data storage industry is evolving rapidly to address the explosive growth of unstructured data, the move to virtualize the entire data center, and the delivery of services from the cloud. In many areas, storage virtualization technology lacks the maturity of server capabilities. As storage evolves it needs to transform to reflect and resemble the compute infrastructure. Gluster addresses these emerging needs on multiple dimensions. 

Gluster introduced the first scale-out NAS virtual appliances for VMware and Amazon Web Services. The new appliances give enterprises the ability to treat physical storage as a virtualized, standardized, and scale-on-demand pool in much the same way that they treat computing resources today, radically improving storage economics in the process. 

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances are an ideal scale-out storage solution. Storage is a software problem, a problem Gluster has solved with the release of software-only storage appliances for both cloud and VM environments. As enterprises struggle with both the explosive growth of unstructured data and the accelerating virtualization of the computing environment, Gluster provides a solution ideally suited for on-premise NAS, storage for virtual machine images and cloud storage. 

Gluster Virtual Appliances provide scale-out NAS for unstructured file data that is applicable to multiple use cases. The scale-out solution is modular and can be configured and optimized for a wide range of workloads. The global namespace aggregates disk and memory into a single pool of resources with flexible back-end disk options, supporting direct attached, JBOD or SAN storage. Storage can be added or removed without disruption to service enabling storage to grow or shrink on-the-fly in the most dynamic environments. Customers have scaled Gluster in building-block fashion from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes to meet the most demanding capacity and performance needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary and monolithic systems.

Gluster is used by enterprises in a wide range of industries, including digital media delivery, healthcare, internet, energy, and biotech.

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