2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Transclick, Inc.
Year Founded: 1999
Employee Count: N/A
Location: 99 Spring Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012, New York, NY, USA - 10012
Website: http://www.transclick.com


Transclick is a multilingual messaging and digital translation web services infrastructure company, instantly globalizing communications and enabling global e-commerce for linguistically isolated people. Transclick develops and markets translation services based on machine translation, including real-time wireless translation of messaging for distribution over mobile handsets and PDAs for e-mail, SMS, and instant messaging. PC based services are also supplied. Currently we support translation between English and 19 other languages, plus translation between many other language pairs. Transclick provides real-time translation capabilities for cellphones, messaging and collaboration systems. Our award winning product offer business-quality translation, on your desktop or in your hand. Initially developed for the US Army, Transclick`s patent-protected technology is now available to both consumers, enterprises, government agencies and NGOs. Our newest products, the Transclick Instant Messenger (TIM) and Transclick Instant Messenger Mobile (TIMM) allow you to type in your own language and be read in the language of your communication partner. We also offer the Transclick Handset Client, (THAC) for Blackberry and J2ME smart phones.

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