2011 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Claritics
Year Founded: 2010
Employee Count: 6
Location: 20380 Town Center Ln Suite 270, Cupertino, CA, USA - 94380
Website: http://www.claritics.com


Claritics provides cloud-based social analytics applications to help businesses improve customer acquisition, engagement and monetization. Building on Claritics experience with social gaming and Facebook commerce applications across millions of users, Claritics Analytics as a Service provides businesses with immediate, actionable insights to help reach faster, smarter operating decisions and create automated business processes. Unlike existing analytics solutions, which provide only summary reports on limited, sampled data, Claritics uses unique technology designed specifically to analyze granular social data from high-volume applications. 

Claritics modern approach allows for more detailed, more targeted, and more accurate actionable insights at lower cost and in less time. By providing the social intelligence to create highly-targeted content and viral campaigns, Claritics cloud-based analytics turns user and app data into action. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Claritics is venture-capital backed and lead by a seasoned management team with deep expertise in data analytics and automation. For more information, visit www.claritics.com.

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