2012 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Year Founded: 2008
Employee Count: 131
Location: TC 9/1615, Devi Gardens, Srkm Road, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India - 695010
Website: http://www.eramscientific.com


Eram Scientific Solutions (P) Ltd is the part of Eram Group which has a proven track record in multifaceted activities ranging from Engineering, Infrastructure Development, Clean Tech, to Information Technology, among various other key sectors. We seek to go beyond the conventional thinking and traditional standards to a pro-earth approach. Eram Scientific is the venture that aims to develop innovative and utility solutions by combining cross platform technologies and domains.

We are a Technology Research and Development Company with a Social Enterprise tag. The key project of the Company is in the sanitation front with India’s First and Only eToilet, the Electronic Public Toilet. The Patent Pending eToilet incorporates a full cycle approach in sanitation using technology where all activities involving starting the unit, entry, usage, cleaning, exit, water levels, monitoring and control are automated using electronics, mechanical, web-mobile and digital technologies.

 “Designed Thinking at its best!” is what Eram Scientific Solutions thinks and practices. Innovation is the hub of our thinking and action. Our Research Lab works around the creativity of all team members and resource persons to develop solutions that are useful for enabling better living. 

Capability Matrix
Eram Scientific has the competence and skill in diverse areas, where application of basic sciences and convergence of modern technologies pave the way for better quality of life. The few core areas are:

•	World’s first electronic toilet system that takes care of Entry to Sewage Treatment through the effective application of various technologies 
•	Country’s first Connected e Toilet Infrastructure 
•	India’s first Compact Sewage Treatment System for domestic purpose.
•	Effective Solid Waste Management
•	India’s first Containerized or Truck Mounted Plants for Sewage treatment
•	Unique sanitation and sewage treatment solutions for Costal and High Water Table areas
•	Reverse Osmosis technologies, Water Desalination Projects and other Water Cleaning technologies 
•	River Management using multiple Green Environment friendly technologies
•	Person/ Vehicle Tracking System- Electronic Data Register for Vehicles, Person Tracking systems, Vehicle Locating and Controlling applications.

Product Portfolio
Automated Public Toilets
Eram Scientific has developed “eToilet that takes care of entry to sewage treatment while ensuring cleanliness, sustainability and efficient maintenance. This innovative solution takes care of the sanitation needs of the public and adds to the overall ambience of the location.

Sewage Treatment Plants
STPs are designed to meet specific customers’ needs and could be adapted to almost any domestic/ commercial purposes. They can be easily and quickly installed at any locations, either above ground or underground depending on Clients’ requirements, space availability or landscape impact. The modularity of the system provides a high flexible treatment capability and the plants can be upgraded or downgraded at any moment depending on the community requirements.

Connected Toilet Infrastructure
This latest technological innovation, which is a convergence of web-mobile-electronics technologies, makes possible mapping and connecting all the eToilet units via web and mobile, thereby making travel smoother and easier for the public and tourists alike. The travelers can identify and select the eToilet units according to their journey route. 

Vertical Transportation System
This infrastructure facility aims to boost the tourism in the high range destinations. This system has a high implication in the context of an isolated community also. The isolated region could be connected via cable lines to the nearest accessible town/ city. Moreover, these cable lines could be operated via self-power generation thus saving a large cost incidence. This is also suitable for places with high traffic and where it is almost impossible to reach the other side of the road.

Intelligent Traffic Management System
This cost effective and resourceful solution unlike the existing solutions like CCTV and GPS based system would make a high impact as this model ensures effective enforcement of traffic violations and hence reduces the number of accidents. This includes setting up of an automated multipurpose speed enforcement system and a traffic monitoring system into a combined one and implementing these at roadsides. The products are built on core proprietary enforcement platform – Low cost compact enforcement product (LCCEP).

Urban Infrastructure and Amenities
Eram Scientific is also working into co-creating sustainable livelihoods and aesthetic locations through several projects such as eShops, Wayside Amenity Centers etc. eShops will provide a supportive environment for the street vendors for earning livelihoods and will also transform the ambience of streets using minimum space and a better technology ensuring good hygienic conditions. 

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