2012 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Epuramat
Year Founded: 2005
Employee Count: 14
Location: Z.I. Rue des Chaux, Contern, Luxembourg, Luxembourg - 5324
Website: http://www.epuramat.com


Founded in 2005, Epuramat is a provider of compact, energy-efficient and chemicals-free water and wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial clients as well as oil-water-separation systems. 

Core component of the Epuramat systems is the patented primary treatment device ExSep® for a virtually complete removal of solid material from wastewater, thus unloading downstream treatment steps so that the biology can be built in smaller size and requires less energy for its operation. 

One of Epuramat’s top-seller is the Box4Water: a complete wastewater treatment plant, treating from 25.000 to 120.000 l of wastewater per day, an amount that typically arises from 125 to 600 inhabitants, in containerized format. The decentralized plant treats sewage on the spot, where it is generated. Its effluent values exceed International regulations for direct discharge, so that Box4Water is even operational in environmental protection zones in Canada – a country with one of the strictest requirements for direct discharge worldwide. For the clients of Box4Water, mainly remote communities and camps, decentralized wastewater treatment is much more attractive in terms of investment and operating costs than building kilometres of sewers and pumping stations or transporting the collected sewage to the nearest municipal wastewater treatment plant by trucks. A large market, considering the fact that today still about 80% of the wastewater treatment worldwide takes place in centralized wastewater treatment plants. 

Today Epuramat’s systems are successfully in operation in Europe, the USA and Canada.

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