2012 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: LanzaTech
Year Founded: 2005
Employee Count: 90
Location: 725-C E Irving Park Road, Roselle, IL, USA - 60172
Website: http://www.lanzatech.com


Founded in 2005, LanzaTech presents an exciting opportunity to meet the increasing global demand for affordable, low carbon transport fuels and sustainably produced chemical intermediates. 
LanzaTech has developed a fully integrated and sustainable gas to liquid platform that can use a variety of gas resources for fuel and chemical production. LanzaTech’s unique technology is based on gas fermentation that uses a robust nutrient agnostic proprietary microbe to convert waste gases to fuels and chemicals.
The process was developed to utilize carbon rich gas resources that are generated as a manufacturing by-product in a variety of energy intensive process industries such as steel production, petroleum refining, cement manufacturing, and chemical processing. This cost-effective carbon capture and beneficial reuse greatly improves a participating facility’s overall energy efficiency and profitability while reducing its carbon footprint. 
The technology also allows for the fermentation of syngas generated from any biomass resource (including hydrogen free gases such as MSW, organic industrial waste, and agricultural waste), coal derived syngas, and steam reformed methane. 
The company employs a strong technical team of 100 check staff internationally, has a rapidly growing patent portfolio, and has a rapid commercialization plan, with the commissioning of a first demonstration unit planned for 2012. A world-first ‘steel waste to ethanol/chemicals’ plant will be operational and profitable by 2013. One of these facilities will be in a joint venture partnership with BaoSteel (the world’s second largest steel producer), in Shanghai which will produce 100,000 gallons per annum. The first full scale commercial production facility in Shanghai will produce 30 million gallons per annum by the end of 2013. 
Additional demonstration plants across a variety of geographies are scheduled for 2012-including a second steel waste gas plant with Capital Steel in China; a facility using MSW derived syngas with Concord Enviro in India, and in the USA, a plant using biomass syngas derived from forestry waste.

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