2012 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Power Assure
Year Founded: 2007
Employee Count: 40
Location: 2390 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, USA - 95051
Website: http://www.powerassure.com


Power Assure addresses the problems large enterprises, government agencies and managed service providers are struggling to deal with: maintaining or improving reliability, silos of data, constrained capacity, inadequate power/cooling/space and data center inefficiencies. Power Assure EM/4 software solutions allow data center managers to collect, synthesize and analyze the overwhelming amount of raw data available from facilities and IT equipment and turn it into useful business information for making decisions in real time. This insight allows data center managers to improve the reliability, efficiency, capacity and utilization of their data centers. EM/4 solutions take analytics to the next level by linking real-time information with automated processes. Using EM/4s runbook automation capabilities, data center managers can automate existing processes and take action based on environmental changes or other trigger events in order to increase reliability, while optimizing performance and service levels.

Examples of solutions include:
	Business Continuity/Event Response - Power Assure EM/4 can increase the reliability of fail-over processes and prolong operations during outages through automation and optimization.
	Consolidation  Through server utilization efficiency analysis, Power Assure EM/4 identifies the best opportunities for hardware consolidation and replacement combining power utilization and application quality of service requirements, addressing the need to reduce the amount of hardware resources for operational or capital costs perspective. 
	Capacity Management  Using PAR4 methodology and what-if analysis, Power Assure EM/4 addresses the issue of running out of power or space in existing data centers, thus prolonging the life of existing data centers. 
	Chargeback - Power Assure EM/4 provides visibility into real-time power utilization and environmental monitoring allowing for accurate tracking in single or multi-customer environments.

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