2012 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Symphogen A/S
Year Founded: 2000
Employee Count: 80 (E)
Location: Elektrovej Building 375, n/a, Lyngby, n/a, Denmark - 2800
Website: http://www.symphogen.com


Symphogen, founded in 2000, is a biotechnology company that is developing recombinant antibody therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Symphogen is the leader in developing recombinant antibody mixtures, a new class of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment or prophylaxis of serious human diseases. By employing its pioneering antibody discovery and manufacturing technologies, Symphogen generates recombinant antibody compositions that capture the diversity and effectiveness of the natural immune system. With its proprietary, unique Symplex™ discovery, SymSelect™ lead selection and Sympress™ manufacturing platforms, the company captures the diversity and specificity of the natural immune response in rationally designed recombinant antibody compositions. The company is backed by a leading international venture capital investor syndicate. Symphogen has a US affiliate based in Princeton, New Jersey. The company currently employs 80 people. Symphogen has devoted most of its resources to developing proprietary antibody discovery and manufacturing platforms, drug discovery, and pre-clinical and early clinical drug development. Through these efforts, Symphogen has emerged as the leader within the development of antibody mixtures.

Symphogen is maturing a diversified pipeline of internal and partnered products across indications including cancer and infectious disease. Symphogen’s polyclonal antibodies are recombinant, meaning that they are produced using modern biotechnological processes on an industrial scale. This approach enables Symphogen to simultaneously generate a variety of antibodies, all specific to a particular disease. By using industrial equipment, Symphogen can quickly produce large quantities of these antibodies while avoiding the risks of disease transmission or donor supply shortages. Symphogen’s Sym004 product exhibits superior anti-cancer efficacy in vivo in a range of tumor xenograft models as compared to marketed monoclonal anti-EGFR antibodies by a mechanism of action that is distinct from that of monoclonal antibodies. Symphogen intends to capitalize its leading position within antibody mixtures by focusing its resources on the early part of the drug development value chain.

Symphogen’s lead candidate, rozrolimupab (Sym001), for the treatment of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) and prevention of Hemolytic Disease in Newborns (HDN), became the first recombinant rpAb to enter clinical evaluation when Phase 1 trials were initiated in March of 2007. Symphogen’s proprietary technologies offers the discovery and production of unlimited amounts of highly purified, antigen-specific compositions of recombinant antibodies - a totally new class of therapeutic antibodies with a number of prominent advantages compared to existing antibody therapies. Symphogen is also developing therapeutic alternatives to monoclonal antibodies. Symphogen’s products include Rozrolimupab (Sym001), Sym004, Sym006, Sym008, Sym009, and Sym013.

Symphogen is developing rpAb product candidates for therapeutic areas where there is the highest potential to provide improved prophylactic or therapeutic options over current drugs. rpAb therapies may confer greater efficacy, safety and convenience due to their ability to capture the features of the natural human immune response, making them a potentially more attractive treatment option.

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