2012 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Light-Based Technologies
Year Founded: 2004
Employee Count: n/a
Location: 3689 East 1st Avenue, Suite 200, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - V5M 1C2
Website: http://www.lightbased.com


Light-Based Technologies (LBT), established in 2004, is a privately-held, venture capital backed company focused on the research and development of LED Driver and LED Controller IC solutions for Solid-State Lighting that accelerate the adoption of energy saving intelligent lighting control and efficient lamp technology. LBT’s approach allows us to maximize simplicity while adding value through increased functionality and extended reliability. LBT’s unsurpassed combination of expertise in firmware, semi-conductor design, power electronics, Solid State Lighting technical knowledge and lighting market understanding allows the company’s firmware based platform to deliver Better Light. LBT addresses the power and control problems facing the Solid State Lighting industry in a unique manner. Pulling together unsurpassed expertise in semiconductor design, power electronics, and lighting market understanding allows LBT to deliver a future proof firmware platform for LED drivers.

LBT is able to provide reference designs for the inclusion of our LED Controller ICs in your upcoming isolated or non-isolated LED driver designs and can provide ODM services to customize applications and designs. With the imminent release of their latest integrated circuits, the LB4 family, LBT is dedicated to fine-tuning complementary technologies that take advantage of the simplicity and power of its core control technology. LBT develops LED drivers and Control technologies that simplify your delivery of added functionality and value for Solid State Lighting. LBT’s industry leading LED drivers, incorporating our proprietary LED Controller IC, are the first to enable high quality, deep dimming using conventional triac dimmers, as well as trailing edge and electronic low voltage dimmers. LBT’s processor-based approach delivers high quality dimming below 1% with a smooth, consistent dimming curve with no flicker, and will make your products compatible with a wide range of dimmers.

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