2013 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Safrema Energy
Location: 6771 West Professional Parkway, Lakewood Ranch, FL, USA - 34240
Website: http://www.safremaenergy.com


Mission Statement
Safrema Energy`s goal is to invent the next generation water turbine model to become the cleanest, cheapest, and most reliable energy producing tool in the green energy field by utilizing undeveloped hydrokinetic resources. 

Company Background 
Safrema Energy LLC was founded in 2010 and just recently opened its headquarters office in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. We are a small business in the ready to build phase of creating a high efficiency augmented turbine system to extract the flowing water energy. We have several international partners involving people, corporations and organizations from the US, Italy, Monaco, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. We are a business with 2 years of successful track record involving research, and development. Our first turbine will be tested off the coast of Florida in the steady Gulf Current, in partnership with Florida Atlantic University. As to date we had finished the design and tested the blades, opened a headquarters office and hired 5 full time employees. 

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