2013 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: HealthExpense
Location: 440 N Wolfe Rd, SunnyVale, CA, United States - 94085
Website: http://www.healthexpense.com


Healthcare today is complex and comes at a price with high co-pays and deductibles for consumers. 40m Health Savings and Reimbursement Accounts, $400B in patient payments has created a whole new class of consumers who require access to healthcare services. 

Our mission is to be the true enterprise driven end-to-end healthcare consumer engagement & financial solution for enterprises (exchanges, insurance, administrators, providers, financial institutions). 

HealthExpense serves the `healthcare consumer` with information & tools to help them engage with providers based on their conditions, choose the best providers and create transparency and simplicity for their financial needs. 

HealthExpense is provided through a network of partners (financial institutions, administrators, payers, integrated delivery health systems and exchanges) who tailor the tools to create a unique branded experience to engage with their members & consumers.

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