2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: PrecisionHawk
Location: 9001 Glenwood Ave, Suite 100, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States - 27617
Website: http://precisionhawk.com


Incorporated in April 2013, PrecisionHawk strives to be the best end-to-end aerial data collection, data management and data analysis system. With an artificial intelligence emphasis, PrecisionHawk sells a highly intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle, along with a wide selection of smart sensors and software.
The artificial intelligence, which completely operates the UAV and makes aerial and data decisions throughout the PrecisionHawk system, is the core reason why PrecisionHawk has been able to secure sub 1cm per pixel, market-leading aerial resolution. The artificial intelligence approach also eliminates the need for a technical operator.

PrecisionHawk’s unmanned aircraft system is a small, robotic plane that can collect extremely high-resolution, remote sensing data with minimal effort. The system provides invaluable, real-time data for applications such as land surveying, agricultural plant vigor and plant growth, security, forestry, chemical plumes and field conditions.

PrecisionHawk`s software, PrecisionMapper, also works with any aerial sensing system outside the PrecisionHawk platform. The platform is composed of six different applications:

1) Flight Planning software
2) `In the field, on-site` data review & management
3) LMS for safe UAV management
4) Mobile ready, secure, cloud based platform providing management of aerial data, automated orthomosaic processing (a market first) and long term storage
5) Online, aerial video management system
6) Patent pending augmented reality application for agriculture

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