2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: reQall, Inc.
Location: Nasa Research Park, MS 19-46D, Suite 1070, Moffett Field, Ca, USA - 94035
Website: http://reqallable.com


Recognized as one of the top 25 ideas from MIT Media Lab over the past 25 years, reQall is the award-winning developer of context-aware, proactive and intelligent assistant applications for wearable and mobile devices. reQall is a venture-backed company based in NASA`s Silicon Valley research park.

Eric Schmidt of Google coined the term `searchless search` to describe how smart devices of the future will intelligently use contextual information and an understanding of the user to automatically deliver needed information to the user before they ask. 
reQall’s technologies precisely do that. 

reQall brings context-aware, proactive and intelligent assistant experiences to any network, application or service on any device. 
reQall Rover is a reference design built on the reQall Personal Assistance Platform. The reQall Personal Assistance Platform enables enterprises to create their own contextual, proactive, intelligent assistants in domains as varied as telecom, automotive, health, productivity and more.
reQall’s platform is used for building a suite of consumer applications on wearables

reqallable,is reQall`s first wearable assistant, that makes your smartwatch smarter by letting you act on what matters most in your email and text messages, straight from your watch. reqallable is currently available for the Pebble Smartwatch and the Sony SmartWatch 2, and will be available for the Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Fit when they start shipping in April.
`reqallable expands the utility of Pebble by optimizing your email, text message and notifications experience,` said Pebble CEO and founder, Eric Migicovsky. `It`s hard to imagine a more transformative interface for a smartwatch than a technology that contextually understands who is important to you, when to buzz you, what to present you at a glance, and permits responses and actions directly from the watch.`

`ReQall Rover ... is perhaps the most promising of them all as far as artificial intelligence goes. By connecting to your Google Gmail, Google Calendar and Facebook, as well as your GPS coordinates, it acts as something of a personal assistant and gives you verbal summaries of your appointments, email action items, Facebook feed, local Twitter trends, weather, and commute times based on local traffic. ... This is what I’d like to see more of: apps that do something with the deluge of information streaming in and out of my smartphone`
-- Jenneth Orantia,

reQall is a leader in context aware applications for reducing information overload and is poisted to be on all the major wearables such smartwatches and In Car applications 

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