2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: ThetaRay
Location: 24 Hebron Road, Jerusalem, Israel, Israel - 93542
Website: http://www.thetaray.com


ThetaRay is a leading provider of revolutionary unknown threat detection solutions for critical infrastructure and mission critical operations, delivering disruptive solutions that enable customers to uncover the most complex, destructive, devious, unknown cyber security and operational threats. 

ThetaRay’s founders are renowned mathematicians from Tel Aviv University, Prof. Averbuch, and from Yale University, Prof. Coifman, they have researched and invented a row of patented, state of the art machine learning algorithms, designed to detect anomalies in big data environments. The algorithms have been in development over the course of nine years, and are the core of ThetaRay’s CriticalThreat protection platform.

The company was founded in 2013, has been backed by a leading Israeli based venture capital firm, Jerusalem Venture Partners, and conglomerate General Electric (a founding investor and partner), which selected ThetaRay as there first investment in cyber security. Additionally, ThetaRay’s ground-breaking solutions have validation credits through proof of concept tests from leading organizations worldwide. 

The platform’s strength is in the sophistication of the algorithms, and their inherently data-agnostic nature, which results in automatic analysis that is free of rules, patterns, heuristics or signatures. Zero bias is introduced into the equation by utilizing a pure math based approach, which allows for very low false positive rates. The concept and its implementation are far removed from detection approaches used in the IT security industry today, staying a step ahead of threats like APT and Zero day attacks, predicting operational issues (equipment faults, malfunction, looming failure), and alerting about them within minutes instead of months.

ThetaRay’s innovative technology, named Hyper-Dimensional Big Data Analytics™, has a distinctive ability to fuse and analyze massive amounts of heterogeneous data from diverse sources like network and ICS/SCADA traffic, industrial machine data (turbines, physical sensors etc.), financial transactions and related data, database records, and host based data, to name a few.

The company’s solution supports all aspects of the threat detection process ranging from data handling and storage, to anomaly detection, event investigation, event trend and management. As part of this end-to-end offering, the system provides extensive forensic information to facilitate event investigation and allow for granular drill down through a user-friendly point-and-click UI. The system allows for remote management, forensics and unified threat management, for use by MSSPs and enterprises alike.

The platform holistically all-seeing, providing automatic, unsupervised, close to real time discovery of threats that are not detected by other solutions, with a marginal rate of false positives. The result is unparalleled predictive analytics and extensive, laser-focused forensics.

Until ThetaRay delivered this unique innovation into the market, hyper-dimensional (thousands of parameters) and multi-domain (heterogeneous, non-synced) data sets were impossible to process, primarily from a computational complexity perspective, and due to a high-false positive and low detection rates empiric results.

The key uniqueness and benefits:
•	Discover Unknown Threats
o	seamlessly detect unknown attacks and their mutations before any damage takes place
o	Identifies operational events in order to reduce critical network downtime
o	Unmatched detection rates with very low false positive levels
•	Hyper-dimensional™ Detection
o	Uniquely fuses hyper-dimensional, multi-domain data to detect sophisticated stealthy attacks
o	Meta-data based detection, overcoming attackers’ encrypted traffic
•	Automated Big Data Analysis
o	Continuous big data analysis to detect hidden anomalies
o	No big data know-how or expertise is required
o	Non-intrusive monitor mode, with no impact on customers’ networks
•	See the Big Picture
o	Multiple attack-related events are uncovered automatically, providing insight into the scope and damage of the attack
o	Simultaneous protection across multiple environments, systems and protocols

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