2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: DxContinuum Inc.
Location: 42840 Christy St., #226, Fremont, CA, US - 94538
Website: http://www.dxcontinuum.com


DxContinuum is a Silicon Valley company offering cloud solutions that enables sales and marketing organizations to generate more revenue, with better predictability. 

DxContinuum`s vision is to make insights from predictive analytics accessible seamlessly to individuals and decision makers without the need for data scientists or the high upfront cost of custom projects.

With DxC SalesSuite, teams get a better return on their SFA/CRM systems (SalesForce.com or Oracle Sales Cloud) investment. DxContinuum accomplishes this by providing actionable insights using out-of-the-box predictive analytic solutions on corporate big data.

DxContinuum solutions help inside sales teams identify which leads are most likely to turn into opportunities and provide sales management and sales operations insights into aggregate funnel quality, performance of team members, and other key factors that impact revenue and predictability.

With cloud-based CRM systems expecting grow to 50% of the CRM market (according to Gartner), DxContinuum will take advantage of this large market opportunity while helping companies get more value out of their CRM systems

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