2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Advanced Energy Materials, LLC
Location: 201 E Jefferson St, Suite 111 B, Louisville, Kentucky, USA - 40202
Website: http://www.advancedenergymat.com


Advanced Energy Materials, LLC. `AdEM` is an early stage company that conducts research and development of “Hydrodesulfurization and aromatic saturation” in fuels. The company was formed in 2009 to commercialize patented technology from the University of Louisville. AdEM has developed a new catalyst, AdeSulfurTM, which shows high activity for ultra-deep desulfurization of fuels. The concept is based on reactive adsorption utilizing nickel clusters on Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanowires(NWs). In particular, AdEM has developed a patented process for the scalable production of ZnO nanowires.The company’s commercialization plan includes: bulk manufacturing of nanowire based materials specifically for Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst, technology licensing to catalyst manufacturers for specific applications in the hydrodesulfurization, aromatic reduction and fuel cell markets. We plan to develop the expertise to scale production with the intent to license or sell the technology to a catalyst supplier.

The company holds an exclusive license agreement, with a patent portfolio of 9 issued and 4 pending patents through University of Louisville’s Office of Technology Transfer. AdEM has received several SBIRs and is currently working with a strategic partner to supply nanowire based materials for Hydrogenation applications.

The need for low or no sulfur in fuels and oils can be represented in three distinct categories: (i) transportation fuels; (ii) fuel cells; and (iii) chemical production from bio-sources. The Two major technical and commercial challenges in the catalytic reduction of sulfur levels below 50 ppm are (i) the activity of the catalyst significantly impacts the processing cost; and (ii) traditional catalysts used are not active below 20 ppm. The AdeSulfur™ utilizes a nanowire support of traditional catalysts that extends the usable catalytic function to extremely low sulfur levels. AdeSulfur™ has been validated using ASTM tests and we have shown several schemes to scale production. 

The global catalyst market is $15B, with $6.35B dedicated to the desulfurization of diesel and gasoline fuels. AdeSulfur™’s proven performance and its ability to reduce sulfur below 1 ppm at reasonable processing costs makes it easy for AdEM to penetrate into this market. We are aggressively targeting the ULSD ($150M) as a primary market.

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