2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Espresso Logic, Inc.
Location: 2700 augustine drive, Suite 199, Santa Clara, CA, United States - 95054
Website: http://www.espressologic.com


For the last few years, we have been asking ourselves the question “why is it so difficult to develop enterprise applications? That, along with the corollary “why does it take so long?” was the catalyst to form Espresso. Our mission is to accelerate and simplify application development; making development as easy as creating macros in a spreadsheet.

Espresso Logic provides a middleware service (also known as backend as a service) that accelerates development of enterprise applications by a factor of 20X and it sits between company`s data and mobile/web applications. 

Espresso service includes three key components

1) Live API - Creates REST/JSON API in seconds as opposed to days/weeks it used to take. Espresso also allows customization of API, security and access control and enterprise features like pagination, filters, optimistic locking (by the way, REST is the only way mobile apps can use to talk with databases since there is no JDBC or ODBC access available on mobile. Also REST is the new SOA)

2) Live Browser - Enables creation of data driven applications in minutes. Used for creating internal enterprise apps, prototyping apps, schema browsing by DBAs and development teams and data repair by testing teans and data analysts

3) Live Logic - Using the flexibility of server side JavaScript and expressive power of Reactive Programming, development of business logic can be reduced by a factor of over 20x (we have many examples showing over 50x improvements over Java and other programming techniques)

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