2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Powzy
Location: EPFL Innovation Square, Batiment C, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland - 1015
Website: http://www.powzy.ch


Powzy offers sponsorship of in-game items from consumer brands monetizing better the non-paying users. Powzy works as an additional payment option: users simply choose whether to pay by credit card for in-app items or get them sponsored. The non-intrusive pull marketing is realized through gamified branded actions such as answering a question, watching a short (30 sec) video, visiting a store or a interactive activity. This creates much higher brand engagement without the user ever leaving the game. Powzy is a fully automated platform. Developers simply integrate a proprietary toolkit while brands set up their campaign just like in Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. The Powzy platform automatically matches and pushes brandsí sponsorship of in-game items across all the relevant games by the use of a complex algorithm maximizing the value for brands, developers and users. Furthermore, Powzy provides full control over ad placement both to game developers and brands.

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