2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: RESULTS.com
Location: 59 Grant Ave. 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA, USA - 94108
Website: http://www.results.com


We aim to change the way the world works. RESULTS.com, a SaaS company, is the world’s leading RESULTS focused management dashboard for SMBs. Our software engages workforces to accelerate success. 

We’re pioneering a new era in business management tools for SMBs that can vastly improve business management, employee engagement, and collaboration within companies – and drive hugely improved business outcomes.
Our software is at the leading edge of the ‘radical transparency’ school of thinking espoused by the Harvard business school. This philosophy, where everyone can see how everyone else in the team is performing, enables business leaders to achieve greater employee alignment with the company vision and goals, and enables employees to see how their efforts, and the efforts of their peers, contribute towards achieving success for their company – and for themselves.
Our software is forged from leading-edge principles we developed from our 15+ years of business consultancy practice, giving business owners, managers, and team leaders the tools they need to align people to the company’s goals, improve teamwork, motivate employees, and drive better business outcomes.
But perhaps the most powerful capability stems from putting real-time business information in the hands of mobile workers. Equipped with this knowledge, employees can quickly understand what areas of the business require attention, and make good business decisions faster.
This is what we call ‘actionable intelligence’. In the case of the RESULTS.com SaaS platform, every employee has the data and strategic context to make better business decisions even when their manager is not there to personally oversee them. 

RESULTS.com is positioned to offer SMBs a simple, affordable way to communicate and identify and track their business plans, key metrics, and important projects. Business leaders are able to monitor progress in real time, promote staff collaboration, and greatly improve accountability for results.

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