2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Sideband Networks
Location: 955 Benecia Ave., Sunnvyale, CA, USA - 94085
Website: http://www.sidebandnetworks.com


Prior to founding Sideband Networks in 2012, Zane Taylor, CEO and Founder, was a senior executive at FireEye, Citrix and Exodus Communications. Known for addressing complex enterprise infrastructure challenges, Taylor and co-founder Sherman Tang have set a new industry standard for addressing network issues in Enterprise Networks. Sideband provides application aware network performance management solutions for Enterprise and Cloud Service Providers. 

In a market filled with disparate monitoring and management tools from a multitude of suppliers, Sideband Networks looks to unify these tools into a single solution - Sidebandís A3NPM (Analyzes, Alerts and Act Network Performance Management).
IT managers are challenged to decipher their graphs, charts and performance metrics to find clues on root cause of alerts, security concerns, and performance slowdowns. Sidebandís Dynamic Network Topology display identifies network performance issues when and where they occur and enables IT managers to drill down into Traffic Flow, Applications, Devices and Users. With Sideband, IT Managers can visualize the flows of live network traffic in real-time.
With Alerts and Network Issues being clearly defined in topology, administrators can use Sidebandís solution to be proactive by addressing or blocking: anomalous network behavior, violation of policies, recognizing or capping non business traffic and adjusting QoS when critical applications or services are not being delivered.
Enterprises need a unified platform that can integrate easily into existing infrastructures whether they are in the financial services, healthcare, retail, cloud / managed services or other key markets. As a result they can deploy Sideband Networks along with existing tools to avoid costly rip and replace of existing infrastructure. 
It is essential for IT Management to analyze relevant Network Intelligence and combine it with Business Intelligence to deliver greater revenue, growth and efficiency to your Enterprise in the Digital Age. 

The company introduced the vXRE Application Aware Network Performance Management Solution at Interop 2014, and shortly after received EMA`s Vendor to Watch Award, presented to companies that deliver unique customer value by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed. Now, for the first time, Fortune 1000 enterprises can have better insight of their live network traffic to better analyze, alert and act on network issues in real-time.

According to analyst Lee Doyle, Doyle associates,ĒOperating networks is becoming more challenging as applications move to the cloud, data center networks migrate to 10GB, and due to the increased adoption of SDN and network virtualization technologies. Sideband provides an innovative solution for network/IT managers looking to increase network applications visibility and reduce operational headachesĒ

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