2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Musikara, Inc.
Location: 1035 7th Street #5, Oakland, CA, USA - 94607
Website: http://musikara.com


Musikara enables anyone to create music easily and collaboratively. We allow people to remix songs from their favorite artists, contribute original material to be used by others, collaborate with musicians in real-time and asynchronously, and share their creations with their friends. We are developing a web and mobile app that allows users to work together on a musical canvas like on Google Docs. Our hierarchical, circular visualization provides unique insight into musical structure and allows people to create from scratch or to collaborate, reuse, and modify musical blocks similar to GitHub. We also help users find relevant musical content (contributed by professional artists or crowdsourced) and collaborators by using machine learning in addition to traditional textual searching. We are making it as easy for people to create music on Musikara as it is for them to shoot, edit, and upload a video on YouTube.

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