2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Constant Therapy
Location: 25 Tufts Road, Lexington, MA, USA - 02421
Website: http://www.constanttherapy.com


Constant Therapy provides personalized and continuous brain rehabilitation via mobile devices to people who have suffered a stroke, head-injury (TBI), dementia or learning disability. Clinicians in over thousand institutions worldwide including prominent institutions such as Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital are already using Constant Therapy. The company’s iPad application is already making a big difference in the lives of thousands of patients and their families. (http://constanttherapy.com/patient-testimonials).

Over 15 million people in the US and millions more worldwide suffer from diminished brain function - this includes adults who have suffered a stroke, or head-injury (TBI), or dementia; and children with various forms of language, cognitive or behavior disorders (such as autism, learning disabilities). According to the Brain Injury Association and the National Stroke Association approximately 3.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury each year and 7 million people in the U.S. have survived a stroke. As a result, many of these survivors face life altering diminished brain functions.

One of the major obstacles for patients seeking to recover compromised speech, language and cognitive abilities is long-term and consistent access to high-quality therapy. Until now, patients have had to face three critical limitations: First, traditional therapy is typically limited to a one-hour session per week. Second, the quality of therapy can vary widely depending upon the clinician’s experience and access to evidence-based therapy tools. And third, when traditional therapy concludes due to insurance coverage limits or other constraints, so does a patient’s progress. Thus, many brain injury survivors suffer a “progress cliff” and are unable to reach their full potential to regain lost skills and abilities.

Born out of groundbreaking research at Boston University and in use at 1000+ institutions worldwide, Constant Therapy removes these limitations with an innovative cloud-based mobile solution enabling patients to access tools for high-quality, evidence-based therapies anywhere and anytime. Patients can get highly customized rehabilitation programs for their individual needs. When available, clinicians can assess patients, assign homework and monitor patient performance remotely. Clinicians have a very broad range of scientifically designed tasks and powerful analytics at their fingertips. Clinicians gain significant efficiencies and patients can get much more therapy than they would traditionally receive and at a consistently high-quality level. This translates into better patient outcomes and, importantly, continuing improvement.

Early results from a scientific study with 50 patients indicate that patients using Constant Therapy get significantly more therapy and show improvement compared to patients who get traditional therapy. The results of this scientific study are expected to be published later this year.

The Constant Therapy team is led by Prof. Swathi Kiran, and tech entrepreneur Dr. Veera Anantha. The company has recruited prominent investors and advisors, including serial entrepreneurs Andy Palmer and Frank Moss. The company has a stellar scientific team that includes world renowned expert in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Prof. John Gabrieli The company recently closed its first round of funding and the adoption of its iPad solution is now growing 50% Month-Over-Month.

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