2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Virtual Power Systems
Location: 4699 Old Ironsides Dr #100, Santa Clara, CA, USA - 95054
Website: http://www.virtualpowersystems.com


Virtual Power Systems (VPS) is a Series A funded, Software Defined Power Company. VPS is in product trials with strategic customers and partners. We solve a large Data Center problem of complexity and expensive reliability, with a software control plane for power, that increases reliability 10X, accelerates deployment, simplifies management of data centers and halves TCO. 

Power in Data Centers today is statically and generously pre-allocated to each rack and IT. This produces extremely low utilization rates of data center power capacity and space. Power Availability and IT reliability, is today offered by extensive overprovisioning and redundancy, which while expensive, is inadequate. VPS’ Software Defined Control Plane dynamically optimizes and allocates power based on Rack and IT need. This dramatically lowers the power budget, redundancy, and space needed for a desired IT output, performance and reliability. CEOs/CIOs deeply value the resulting mega-improvements in IT reliability, density, deployment speeds, simplicity and control. The CFOs and VPs of Infrastructure enjoy the avoided CapEx, OpEx, maintenance and complexity with an accelerated time to market/value. (See http://youtu.be/fDHlo_7faiw).

VPS licenses its ICE™ (Intelligent Control of Energy) Software Stack to Data Centers. 
-	‘ICE Rack’ Software controls pooled Power Shelf architectures in Racks with multiple utility sources (power supplies & batteries aggregated in a rack’s shelf, delivering power through a 12V bus bar to plug and play compute, network and storage nodes) to dynamically right-size and intelligently route power from multiple sources (utility A, B or battery), maximizing availability and reliability of power to IT.
-	‘ICE Data Center’ Software offers data center-wide management and automation of Resource Allocation & Optimization by complementing (and integrating through APIs with) already-implemented systems of Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructures (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM/DCOS) and IT Capacity Management Solutions.
-	‘ICE Cloud’ software provides Data Center Service Providers and Operators with remote monitoring, control & support.

VPS’ Certified Designs (VCDs) of power shelves, provide the best articulation of ICE Software value, although they do provide significant benefits even when operating on third party power shelves (such as OCP, Microsoft or Emerson systems). VPS has signed OEM partnerships with Rack System and Rack IT integrators to manufacture, sell, warranty and support VCDs and ICE Rack Software in their Racks. Data centers can acquire directly or through OEM partners, ICE Data Center and Cloud software. 

VPS has numerous patent pending applications employing familiar virtualization principles of Abstract, Pool and Automate, to power. We pool power in a rack; abstract them at a data center level and automate its availability to IT. VPS leverages contemporary industry trends of disaggregation of power supplies from IT, and pooling with batteries in a rack power shelf. VPS’ difference is that by virtualizing power, it unlocks huge unrealized values on factors of costs, automation & control, reliability, scalability, and flexibility, alongside virtualized compute and storage in software defined data centers. Further potential for applications in homes, offices, factories and commercial establishments exist.

Data Centers spend in excess of $100 Bn annually each of CapEx and OpEx (per Gartner $126Bn CapEx and $110 OpEx in 2014). New Data Centers cost about $15 Bn per MW, about 40% of which is Power Infrastructure. This is expected to be driven down to under $6 Bn per MW by 2020 with commoditization, rationalization and vendor-agnostic hardware (per Microsoft), and hardware-reducing virtualization and the increasing realization of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) potential. 

Public and Private Clouds, as opposed to Enterprises with their own or Collocation Data Centers, are the fastest growing, increasing at over 36% CAGR, to a dominant 60% of all data center capacity by 2016 (per Cisco). They are hyper-conscious of reliability, costs, deployment speeds, scalability, flexibility, vendor-agnosticism and ease of use/management. 

VPS is initially targeting, the medium and the large segments among the Cloud Providers of power virtualization and management that do not have their own proprietary initiatives (unlike the super-large Google, Amazon and Facebook) in OEM partnership with Rack and Rack IT vendors. The latter while enjoying strong growth, need to differentiate their commoditized offerings on OCP (Facebook’s Open Compute Platform) and similar architectures, as competition is intensifying. VPS provides them a strong differentiation candidate. 

The VPS team coheres veterans from diverse fields of Virtualization, Big Data and Cloud Architectures, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, and Data Center Engineering to extract the unrealized value from their convergence.

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