2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: RightCare Solutions Inc.
Location: 110 Gibraltar Road, Suite 100, Horsham, PA, USA - 19044
Website: http://www.RightCareSolutions.com


RightCare is a medical technology company that provides hospitals and health systems a software application for assessing patient risk at the time of admission, ensuring the appropriate care plan is offered and information is seamlessly transitioned to post-acute care providers.
RightCare’s software application consists of three modules. Each module is easily integrated into existing electronic health record and/ or case management systems improving processes and efficiency. The modules include: 
• RightCare Risk Assessment Screens all patients at the time of admission and assigns patients a score based on risk and the likelihood that they will be readmitted 
• RightCare Coordination Central Prioritizes patients based on their risk, and recommends the most appropriate post-acute care plan to match patients’ individual needs
• RightCare Post Care Connect Electronically alerts and refers the post-acute care facility that is selected by the patient. This gives providers an earlier lead-time, enabling them to staff appropriately and better prioritize time by identifying which patients require the most attention. 

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