2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Pong Research Corporation
Location: 1602 Village Market Boulevard, SE, Suite 230, Leesburg, Virginia, USA - 20175
Website: http://www.pongresearch.com


Pong Research Corporation (Pong) produces passive antenna architectures for smartphones and tablets that—across all operative frequencies—reduce consumers’ exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (as measured on the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) scale) by up to 90%+ by redirecting away from the user and redistributing near-field EMR, while increasing the device’s outbound signal (or Total Radiated Power (TRP)) on all frequencies by up to 50%+. Pong`s first consumer product, the Pong case, incorporates these proprietary antennas that automatically “pair” via inductive coupling with the antennas inside mobile devices to optimize performance and reduce SAR. 

Pong’s patent portfolio, comprising 8 granted patents and 20 pending filings, can extend to applications “inside” of mobile devices—and covers not only passive RF radiation-redirecting antenna structures but also unique case designs (that obviate the need for performance-degrading proximity sensors and sensitive antenna structures extant in devices today—including Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPad—for RF standards compliance) and new active antenna designs. All of Pong’s products are tested and proven in “Telecommunications Certification Bodies” certified by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), including Cetecom. Pong’s 16 employees has included 4 PhD physicists trained at Princeton, Harvard, MIT, and Manchester (UK), as well as additional MSEE scientists.

Most consumers remain unaware that, when they talk on or carry a mobile device, their heads and bodies absorb 50% or more of the near-field radiation (the RF energy that carries the signal). This problem is far worse in children, due to their thinner skulls and developing bone marrow. Pong technology redirects and reshapes otherwise wasted near field EMR, so that it can propagate to the far field for communication to cell towers. Pong designs its products uniquely for each mobile device and cellular network.

Pong is backed by Catterton Partners (Catterton), the leading consumer-focused private equity fund with $4.5 billion under management. Pong’s board includes, in addition to prominent Catterton representatives like Julian Mack, former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (now at Allen & Company), and Pong’s new CEO David Vigil who formerly ran the consumer wireless division of Qualcomm Incorporated. Pong has been featured in numerous publications (www.pongcase.com/news.html), and has enjoyed enthusiastic adoption by celebrities and thought leaders.

Pong is active as a “trusted advisor” in consumer and regulatory affairs matters. Pong, for example, participates actively in the FCC’s recently-announced Notice of Inquiry and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the “Reassessment of RF Exposure Limits and Policies” and “Proposed Changes in FCC Rules re Human Exposure to RF Electromagnetic Fields.” Pong has sold its products to consumers in over 100 countries online through www.pongresearch.com and on Amazon.com, and is now launching its retail program nationwide via major consumer electronics outlets. Pong products are designed to the highest standards by IDEO.

Pong has begun already to disrupt the $7.6 billion American, and $28.9 billion global, market for smartphone and tablet accessories—in which case “attachment rates” totals nearly 85%. Traditional cases, even those designed and sold by leading device makers like Apple, can materially degrade device performance and increase SAR. Pong is not just a fashion statement: we can dramatically impact the “downstream” side of the network and protect consumers from what the World Health Organization called the “potentially carcinogenic” effects of long-term RF radiation exposure. Pong makes “The Case for People.”

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