2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: SuVolta, Inc.
Location: 130-D Knowles Drive, Los Gatos, California, USA - 95032 - 1832
Website: http://www.suvolta.com


The electronics industry requirements for low power, performance and reliability are becoming more and more stringent. Applications such as System-on-Chip (SoC), memory (DRAM, SRAM) and Analog have power problems, whether the need for maximum system power, extended battery life and/or heat and thermal management. Lowering semiconductor power consumption has far-reaching consequences for the range of applications that can be developed and the projects that will be made possible – whether for the fast growing mobile market; quickly evolving computing market; or Internet of Things (IoT) where reducing power while maintaining performance is key.
SuVolta develops and licenses CMOS transistor and other technologies that significantly reduce IC power consumption. SuVolta’s team of technologists and engineers essentially redefined the planar, bulk CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) transistor and related circuits, radically lowering the power consumption without the need for new fabrication equipment or design infrastructure. Because SuVolta’s innovation remains compatible with existing fabrication and design technologies, it is perhaps the most cost-effective approach to improving semiconductor speed, power, and cost.
The Deeply Depleted Channel™ (DDC) technology enables significant reduction of dynamic and leakage power of the IC core circuitry, i.e., all memory and logic blocks. DDC transistor technology reduces threshold voltage (VT) variability and enables continued CMOS scaling. The DDC technology has a much tighter distribution of threshold voltages compared with conventional transistors. In addition, DDC transistors allow for the setting of multiple VTs which is vital for today’s low-power products.
DDC technology is compatible with current manufacturing and design infrastructure. The most integrate-able of all emerging transistor types, DDC technology leverages existing CMOS design rules and process techniques, can be manufactured in existing fabs, uses conventional design tools and flows, and does not require new equipment or new materials.
The manufacturability of the DDC technology was proven in 2013 as a DDC technology-based process went into volume production in an advanced image processor chip. In addition, SuVolta currently has technology development programs with top-tier semiconductor companies, from 65nm to 20nm process nodes.

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