2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: Ersatz Labs
Location: 28 Second St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA, USA - 94105
Website: http://www.ersatzlabs.com


Ersatz Labs - Deep Learning Neural Networks in the Cloud

Ersatz provides efficient implementations of cutting edge deep learning neural network architectures along with a GPU cloud to train and run them on. With an intuitive web interface and a simple API, Ersatz makes it easy to build sophisticated intelligence into any application.

What are Neural networks ? Neural networks are a type of machine learning algorithm based loosely on how our brains work. Over the past seven years or so, they have gone through a bit of a renaissance (commonly referred to as `deep learning`) during which they have emerged from the periphery to become one of the most interesting and fruitful area in machine learning research today. Many of the data mining techniques are won with this technique.

Ersatz Labs aims to make deep neural network technology available to the masses. Our product, Ersatz, is the first cloud-based neural network platform. It makes neural networks easy, with the latest cutting edge algorithms implemented on fast GPU architectures.

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