2014 TiE50 Company Profile

Company: PayStand Inc.
Location: --, Santa Cruz, CA, USA - 00000
Website: http://www.paystand.com


Welcome to Modern Payments & Checkout
The ultimate payments & checkout solution for the web and mobile.

Payments as a Service: The worldís first All-Inclusive Payment Solution with zero transaction fees for merchants.

Multiple Payment Options
paystand-bitcoin-checkoutIn person you can accept cash, credit, and check for your organization. But online you have been limited to just credit cardsÖ and that gets expensive. But now, for the first time in history you can easily accept multiple online payment methods. And this has big implications for your bottom line and your customersí payment flexibility. Because legacy checkout systems are 1 dimensional, organizations are cornered into absorbing unavoidable credit card fees. PayStand now offers you the ability to avoid all transaction costs and at the same time gives your customers options so they can control how they would like to checkout. Your PayStand checkout is automatically equipped and fully loaded with:

Credit Cards: PayStand enables you to accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and includes international payments.

eCheck: PayStand allows you to add eCheck (ACH) to your checkout experience as a payment option. eCheck uses the banking network to transfer money directly between bank accounts, skipping out on the middle-man who scoops up big percentages.

eCash: PayStand allows you to add Bitcoin to your checkout experience as a payment option. Bitcoin is the internetís cash and is the first completely free 0% option to both accept and make payments with. Bitcoin is the first digital currency in line for our eCash payment option.

Never Pay Transaction Fees Again
We hate transaction fees, so we donít ever want you to have to pay them again. PayStand keeps our pricing straightforward, predictable, and transparent. Itís time you stop paying an unnecessary 3% tax of the top of all your online transactions.
Because your online payment system has gone from 1 to 3 dimensional, organizations can can now empower customers to make their own checkout decisions. Now all your money travels through checkout and into your bank account untouched. And at checkout your customers have options to pay with several 0% options or credit cards.
Payment Processing Flexibility (PPF)
Every PayStand supports direct checkout with all major credit cards, eCheck, and eCash. Although no one can avoid credit card interchange rates (2.99% + .30) to use their networks, PayStandís unique technology allows you to either use other payment methods or to choose how these credit card costs are absorbed. This Payment Processing Flexibility is found only at PayStand. We provide you with the options to pass on fees or to absorb them. We also give other 0% options with little to no interchange rate (eCheck 0% + $0.25 and eCash 0% + $0). With PayStandís PPF, youíll never have to pay processing fees again, and neither will your customers.
Payments As A Service
PayStand provides organizations with everything they need for online payments and checkout at one flat rate. We donít penalize you for success by whacking you with fees every time you make a sale. PayStandís mantra is to give our community the most savings possible. We do this by giving you everything you need at one low cost, and by empowering you with 0% transaction rates.
No other services are needed. Complicated online payments are a thing of the past. PayStand gives you everything you would have needed Ė now in one neat low cost package. You get your merchant account, payment processor, modern checkout solution, eCommerce software, hosting, SSL certificate for top online security, order management software, inventory tracking tools, social receipts, social commerce app, a free WebStand page, and many other features youíd normally have to individually pay for.

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