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Company Name


       Adept Cloud, Inc.    Internet
       Akasia    Software
       Alminder    Mobile
       AppEnsure Inc    Software
       Apptentive    Software
       ArchiveSocial    Internet
       Beamm, Inc.    Software
       Bizzabo    Mobile
       Bluedot Innovation    Mobile
       Buildozer    Mobile
       Buncee, LLC    Internet
       Capillary Technologies    Software
       Capy Inc.    Software
       Cephasonics, a dba of White Eagle Sonic Technologies, Inc.    Life Sciences
       CipherCloud    Software
       Clipster B.V.    Internet
       CloudByte    Internet
       CloudVolumes, Inc.    Software
       Content Syndicate    Software
       Convirture    Software
       Couchbase    Software
       DataRPM Corporation    Software
       Dhingana    Mobile
       Digital Wallet Plus, Inc.    Mobile
       DiscoverOrg    Software
       Distil Networks    Software
       DoctorQuickly    Mobile
       eGestalt Technologies Inc    Software
       Ekata Systems, Inc.    Mobile
       Finovera, Inc.    Internet
       FORMCEPT    Internet
       GameDelphi    Mobile
       HealthExpense    Software
       ICE BlackBox, Inc.    Mobile
       Infinite Monkeys    Internet
       INTUARY    Mobile
       Jana    Mobile
       Joy Sprouts    Mobile
       Librato    Software
       LinguaNext Inc.    Software
       Little Eye Software Labs Pvt Ltd    Mobile
       MentorCloud, Inc.    Internet
       Mercatus    Energy
       Mettl    Software
       Modalisa-Technology    Mobile
       Nevales Networks    Software
       NorthShore Bio    Life Sciences
       NuAgeBI    Software
       NuoDB, Inc.    Software
       Okeanos Technologies    Energy
       OnApp    Software
       Openbucks Corp.    Internet
       OpenGamma    Software
       Optra Systems Inc    Life Sciences
       Paper Battery Company    Energy
       Pearl Therapeutics, Inc    Life Sciences
       People Power Company    Software
       Pluribus Networks    Internet
       PowWow Inc    Mobile
       Prepay Nation    Mobile
       Pricelock    Energy
       PRODUK.ME    Software
       Punchh    Mobile
       Quantenna Communications    Internet
       Radiowalla Network Private Limited    Internet
       ReadyPulse    Software
       REDSHIFT NETWORKS    Software
       RenovoRx    Life Sciences
       Reppify    Software
       Retroficiency    Energy
       Rexanto, Inc.    Life Sciences
       Safrema Energy    Energy
       SailPoint    Software
       SeedInvest, LLC    Internet
       Sharp eye    Software
       Shiny Ads    Internet
       ShopSocially    Internet
       Smart Money Entrepreneurs    Internet
       Smarter Remarketer, LLC    Software
       SmartZip Analytics, Inc.    Software
       Smush Mobile Technologies    Mobile
       SocialThreader    Internet
       Sonru.com    Software
       SoRewarding.com    Internet
       TapInfluence    Internet
       TechFetch.com    Software
       teleporthq inc    Internet
       Telibrahma    Mobile
       Terra Motors Corporation    Energy
       Tickengo Inc.    Internet
       Tiger Analytics    Software
       TitanFile Inc.    Internet
       Tradesparq    Internet
       Twipe Mobile Solutions NV    Internet
       U Grok It    Mobile
       Uplike    Internet
       Urban Airship    Mobile
       VajraSoft Inc.    Software
       Veduca    Internet
       Vigilent    Energy
       VSee    Software
       Work4 Labs    Internet
       XURMO TECHNOLOGIES    Software
       Yactraq Online Inc.    Software
       Zadara Storage, Inc.    Software
       Zinnov Talent Neuron    Software
       Zyante Inc.    Internet

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