About TiE Angels

TiE Angels is an angel investment group formed by Charter Members of TiE Silicon Valley, the flagship chapter of TiE globally. The mission of TiE Angels is to support top-tier emerging companies with early stage investment and support.

TiE is about entrepreneurship and our members have been among the most creative thinkers and company builders across the world. Many members are already private investors and support emerging companies with risk capital and active engagement in strategy and operations. TiE Angels is a natural extension to these activities and expects to add significantly to our organizationís primary goal of fostering entrepreneurship. TiE Angels is designed to meet the unique requirements of and provide benefits to investors, entrepreneurs, and sponsors.

Angel investment capital is an essential element for a vibrant startup landscape. The success of early stage companies depends on capital and access to advice and networks such as what TiE Charter Members offer. TiE Angels aims to provide a forum to attract the brightest entrepreneurs, help them validate their ideas, build value, and attract later stage funding.

The TiE Angels Steering Committee defines the organization and screening guidelines, based on best practices of other prominent angel investment groups. TiE Angels provides the framework and administrative support for deal submission, evaluation, and process management. Members of TiE Angels make investment decisions and conduct due diligence independently. TiE Angels provides a forum for members to collaborate on ideas that are of mutual interest.

TiEís institutional sponsors have consistently supported the organizationís many activities. Continuing this strong relationship with our sponsors, TiE Angels expects to facilitate the engagement of TiE sponsors in relevant activities of TiE Angels.


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