2011 TiE50 Internet/Social Networking Top Start-ups

Click on the company name to go to it's public profile, to cast your opinion vote, and to further pitch for your company using company social media.

Company Name


       Adaptive Portal    Internet
       ADmantX    Internet
       Affective Interfaces    Internet
       Amplio Technologies    Internet
       bMobilized Inc (bMenu AS)    Internet
       BrightEdge    Internet
       Dasient    Internet
       DesiYou    Internet
       Epuramat S.A.    Internet
       FireEye, Inc.    Internet
       FoundHealth    Internet
       Galgil Inc.    Internet
       Gazaro Inc.    Internet
       GENWI, Inc.    Internet
       GetYourGuide AG    Internet
       GILD    Internet
       GreenBills Pte Ltd    Internet
       Improve Digital    Internet
       InXero    Internet
       Kabam, Inc.    Internet
       LawPivot    Internet
       Lukup Media Limited    Internet
       magnefi    Internet
       Meteor Solutions    Internet
       Mobifusion, Inc.    Internet
       MXC Solutions India Pvt Ltd    Internet
       NeuStep, Inc.    Internet
       oDesk Corporation    Internet
       Path    Internet
       Plastic Jungle    Internet
       Red Digital    Internet
       reQall Inc.    Internet
       ShoeDazzle    Internet
       Sococo    Internet
       Sokikom    Internet
       SponsorPay    Internet
       Sprinklr    Internet
       SteelHouse    Internet
       Turn, Inc.    Internet
       uTest, Inc.    Internet
       Wildfire Interactive    Internet
       Wormhole IT    Internet
       Youbibi    Internet
       Zuberance    Internet

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