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TiE50 2009

50 Hottest Startups in 5 Hottest Segments!

In the thriving milieu of smart technology startups, there are a handful companies that shine because of their edgier idea and smarter operations - the TiE50!

We unveiled the TiE50 program last year to astounding success even by TiE standards. The TiE50 program energized a keener level of attention from venture capitalists, the press and acquiring companies toward the select winners.

Among the successes:
   »   Mint acquired by Intuit $170 M
   »   Jajah acquired by Telefonica for $207 M
   »   Mimosa acquired by Iron Mountain $112 M
   »   Mochimedia Acquired By Shanda Games for $80 M
   »   Kazeon acquired by EMC $75 M
   »   Solyndra IPO
   And many more...

2009 TiE50 winners represented well over $2B in investments! They continue to flourish even within this challenging economy.

This year's TiEcon will host the second annual showcase of 50 of the most promising startup companies across five focus segments. The focus segments are: Internet, BioSciences, Cleantech, Wireless and Software. 50 winners will be selected from thousands of emerging start-ups after a rigorous screening process that includes reviews from that includes reviews from a panel of industry experts, thought leaders and investors combined with a "Click in your vote" from everyday users. Attendees will get a sneak peek into the winning ideas and meet the entrepreneurs fueling this innovation during the conference.

2009 TiE50 Stats
 Number of Nominations: 1195
 Public Votes Casted: 47137
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